Engage students with interactive learning tools and whiteboard technology

Our interactive whiteboards and WorkSpace software are easy to use, dynamic presentation tools that make students an active part of the learning process.


Interactive whiteboard software

Allow participants and presenters to write, diagram, manipulate and annotate over content with ease. WorkSpace software enhances whiteboard capabilities with advanced recognition features that convert handwritten text, shapes and equations into legible, digital content. Gesture recognition makes working on the board as easy as interacting with a tablet, featuring the ability to pinch, zoom, select and swipe objects.

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Touch Board Plus

Get hands-on with instruction and allow participants the freedom to control and annotate content with their fingertips. The Touch Board Plus pen-and-finger system allows up to 6 multi-touch points and provides multiple ways to solve problems, write sentences or draw pictures for engaging experiences. A steel surface supports magnets when used with dry erase markers or in non-interactive mode.

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Mobi View

Our handheld interactive whiteboard features a 4.3″ color LCD touch screen that lets instructors deliver and control content from anywhere in the room. Mobi View uses a simple MultiHub receiver to quickly connect with and navigate any classroom computer. In addition, Mobi Learners allow up to nine participants to interact and contribute to the same lesson at one time without ever having to leave their seats.

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