Live polling with TurningPoint

Gather instant results and keep participants engaged

Asking interactive questions is easy!

TurningPoint audience response technology is intuitive to use with a minimal learning curve. That means you can get started collecting live polling responses from your participants right away.

1. Ask a question

Live polling begins with creating an interactive question. This can be done on-the-fly or ahead of time. When you want to get started, open polling with the click of a button. TurningPoint provides three different platforms for live polling.

  • Live poll within PowerPoint
  • Live poll with a floating toolbar over any application
  • Live poll directly within your web browser

2. Participants respond

TurningPoint offers participants the ability to respond to questions using either their own web-enabled devices or traditional clickers. Both mobile responding and clickers are easy to use and allow participants to respond to a wide range of question types in real time.

3. Gather results

Close polling to instantly display live results for all to see. Use these answers to guide discussions, evaluate understanding and give everyone a glimpse into the minds of their fellow participants.  Decide whether you want to send live results directly to the web or save them to your desktop or receiver.

4. Run detailed reports

Want to collect and analyse the data gathered during live polling sessions? No problem! Reviewing analytics by participant or question, and digging into data by demographics, are just a few of the options available.

Live polling improves presentations and enhances learning

Regardless of your goals, or the size of your group, live responses from TurningPoint capture attention, boost learning and ensure that everyone has a voice.


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