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TurningPoint polling software is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows learners to participate in real time using a keypad or their own mobile, tablet or computer. Our audience response system provides a variety of interactive polling options to meet the unique needs of each and every environment.

Screenshot of user creating a multiple choice question in TurningPoint desktop

TurningPoint desktop

Our flagship polling software used by millions

With TurningPoint desktop, content and polling data are self-contained to either your receiver or computer. Poll in PowerPoint, over top of any application or deliver self-paced assessments.

TurningPoint web question creation shown on laptop

TurningPoint web

The future of interactive polling is here!

Automatically save and manage results online with our web-based audience response system. Poll on the web or through a PowerPoint integration, and schedule surveys and assessments.

Poll within PowerPoint or any presentation

Our range of polling environments and features gives instructors maximum flexibility.

Create questions with ease

Our intuitive software and industry-leading PowerPoint integration make it simple for users to add interactive questions to any presentation.

Collect real-time results

Use TurningPoint to engage with every participant, support active learning and adapt presentations based on real-time feedback.

Screenshot of scheduling surveys being used in TurningPoint web

Schedule surveys and assessments

TurningPoint web lets you share interactive content at any time without the need for a live polling session in order to support interactive homework assignments or large-scale surveys outside of class and meeting times.

Run reports for data analysis

Our reporting feature lets users analyse data for demographic, question, individual or aggregated over time. All data is easily exportable into reports for convenient, further analysis.

Capture and keep audience attention

Our response options easily and effectively engage participants.

Mobile phone showing TurningPoint app


Allow participants to answer with their own web-enabled device.
QT2 keypad


Collect even more meaningful data with our most full-featured device.
LCD keypad


This keypad’s simple design makes it easy to respond to multiple-choice questions.
LT keypad


This compact option features a five-button input that facilitates easy responding.

Interactive learning starts here

Find out for yourself why millions of people choose TurningPoint audience response system to improve events, invigorate meetings and transform learning.