Interactive event technology to engage all audiences

From initial brainstorming sessions to frantic last-minute details, events take an immense amount of time and energy to plan. Regardless of the occasion, the organisers’ mission is clear: ensure not only that everything runs smoothly, but also that everyone has fun and leaves feeling like the last few hours or days were time well spent.

Interactive event technology is one simple way to make events and conferences truly memorable experiences. Of course, while ease of use and versatility are must-haves, the true value of any technology lies in how you use it.

Below are some helpful tips for using interactive technology to transform any gathering into a dynamic event.

Live Polling

TurningPoint interactive polling software lets participants answer questions in real time. This is perfect for increasing engagement and keeping attendees involved.

Presenters have the freedom to insert polling questions into PowerPoint presentations, poll on-the-fly over documents and videos or ask questions through a web interface. Participants, meanwhile, can respond with their own mobile phones, tablets and computers, or with handheld keypads. Aggregated replies display for all to see.

Beyond simple interactivity, organisers should keep in mind the following techniques when adding TurningPoint to their event or conference.


Use interactive technology right away with a few icebreaker activities. Get participants’ brains working with simple analogy or word scramble questions, or help everyone get to know each other with questions about their backgrounds, where they are from or even years of experience in their field.


Knowledge checks are a good method for re-emphasizing important material and getting a sense of whether attendees understand a concept. These types of questions can be interspersed throughout a presentation, or presented as a comprehensive quiz at the end of a session. TurningPoint instantly records and displays results, so this is a viable strategy regardless of event size.


Introducing gamification immediately gets attendees more invested in the proceedings. Games often enhance learning and retention of information, while the entertainment factor alone could be just what you need to counter a lull in the day. TurningPoint interactive event technology supports competitions between participants or teams, which means you can build competition slides into an existing presentation or create an elaborate gameshow tailored to your attendees.

Opinion polls

Want to know participant opinions on personal or potentially controversial issues? Anonymous polling allows attendees to honestly share their thoughts on these sensitive topics without fear of embarrassment. Live polling also gives you the power to track how opinions change throughout a session, or even get immediate feedback on the event itself so that you can address concerns before it is too late.

Pre- and post-event surveys

In addition to live polling, TurningPoint also offers the capability to survey your attendees both before and after an event. The scheduled polling feature is easy to use for this purpose, and offers an array of question types including multiple choice, numeric response and short answer.

Pre-event surveys are perfect for gathering attendee information and gauging interests and knowledge levels. You can also use this data to discover expectations for the event so that you can fix any misconceptions ahead of time and tailor presentations and activities to each group.

Even once the event is over, that doesn’t mean your work is done! Post-event surveys are valuable tools for getting feedback and suggestions so that your next interactive event is even better than the last.

Hire our interactive technology for your next event!

Creating interactive events and conferences has never been easier. Getting started with our TurningPoint mobile app can be done straight away. If you are using our clickers or a combination of both you will quickly receive the technology directly in the post from us for use at your next event or conference!