Use audience response rentals at your next interactive event!

Our audience response rentals have a history and reputation for creating engaging, memorable events. Smaller meetings to large events with thousands of participants have all benefited from the use of interactive presentation software. TurningPoint rentals have been used in multiple capacities for a variety of different purposes.

Meeting, trade show, conference or convention presentations

Instant, electronic session or speaker evaluations

Distance-learning, remote or multisite conferences

Data collection of attendance, opinions and demographics

Anonymous or tracked voting or issue prioritisation

Leverage gamification techniques to encourage motivation

Take your event to the next level

Our team of event specialists are specifically trained to support you from initial discussions to post-event analysis. Our support services include pre-event consultation, slide show creation and edits, participant list creation, equipment management, coordination with AV representatives, report generation and more.

Have confidence in your events with the ultimate audience engagement tool

While we offer event specialists to assist onsite, TurningPoint presentation software is extremely easy-to-use without onsite support. The software features a native PowerPoint integration which provides a minimal learning curve for facilitators to create interactive presentations. Participant feedback can be collected anonymously or tracked to provide insight on what participants truly think and feel. Review post-event reports with the click of a button for further analysis.

Capture responses and analyse learner understanding

Our response options easily and effectively engage participants.


Allow participants to answer with their own devices in Wi-Fi ready environments.


Our most popular keypad is designed for easy responding to multiple-choice questions.


A low-cost, recyclable keypad with a short-term battery life ideal for single events.


This compact option features a five-button input that facilitates easy responding.

View rental success stories

GDP Partnership

Belfast event uses comparison slides to watch results display in real-time.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Pedestrians play catch with Cousin Sal and response devices are used to gather audience predictions.

Pulse Interactive Media

Effortlessly connect to multiple locations with our audience response systems.

Make your next event memorable!

Renting our solutions is easy – unless using mobile devices, simply receive your technology directly in the post from us and use it at your next event!