Hire audience response rentals for your next event or conference!

Our audience response rental services

TurningPoint audience response rentals have a history and reputation for creating engaging, memorable events and conferences. Smaller meetings to large events with thousands of delegates have all benefited from the use of our interactive presentation software. Although our response technology is easy enough to run on your own with minimal guidance, rental clients can also choose to take advantage of our support services including pre-event consultation, slide show creation and edits, participant list creation, equipment management, report generation and more.


Our mobile app allows delegates to respond using any web-enabled device


Our handheld keypads are a perfect solution to limit distraction


Use either interactive rental solution or both to meet your delegates’ needs

Take your conference to the next level

Keep every one of your delegates engaged with real-time interactive rentals. Utilise the same technology to measure the success of your conference with post-event surveys.

Have confidence in your events with TurningPoint

Our support

We support you from initial discussions to post-event analysis. Our event specialists help with slide show creation, equipment management, and coordination with AV representatives.

Our software

While our team can assist onsite, TurningPoint presentation software is extremely easy-to-use. The software features a native PowerPoint integration which provides a minimal learning curve to create interactive presentations.

Your delegates

Our audience response rentals can collect feedback anonymously or tracked to provide insight on what delegates truly think and feel. Review post-event reports with the click of a button for further analysis.









Our clients

Many events feature our audience response rentals in order to boost engagement and garner insights that would be impossible to discover otherwise. View how the GDP Partnership uses TurningPoint to learn more about conference delegates and leverages comparison slides to watch perceptions change in real time at an event in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Make your next event memorable!

It’s easy to hire our audience response rentals! Getting started with our mobile app only can be done straight away. If you are using our clickers or a combination of both you will quickly receive the technology directly in the post from us for use at your next event or conference!