Using Student Response Solutions to Create a Flipped, Team-Based Learning Classroom

Sherri Wall, instructor of Economics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a Turning Technologies distinguished educator, has used Student Response Solutions (SRS) for years to seamlessly “flip” her large classes into Team-Based Learning(TBL) environments.

In this whitepaper, she provides insights into how technology fosters a collaborative classroom that encourages student success and positions the instructor as less of a “sage on the stage” and more of a “guide on the side.”


Download the whitepaper to discover:

  • The research underlying TBL, flipped classrooms and collaborative learning.
  • How TBL can change the class room experience from teacher-centric to learner-centered and from passive to active.
  • Specific ways that SRS enable this type of learning environment and removes barriers to educators in terms of time and hassle.

Sherri Wall has taught economics in the School of Management (SOM) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) since 2006. She is the founding faculty advisor of the student organization SWEET (Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking). In 2008, she was recognized as outstanding faculty member of the year by the UAF student body and, in 2010, outstanding student organization advisor. In 2014, she received a “best in class” award at the National Economic Teaching Association conference in San Diego, California.

Sherri has a Master’s of Science in Resource and Applied economics from SOM at UAF. Her research interests include the economics of climate change in Alaska, institutional economics and economic education. She was a co-author on McGraw-Hill’s The Economy Today, 13th edition, a popular principles of economics textbook.