Innovative assessment tools strengthen learning environments

TurningPoint gives instructors the ability to assess their students before, during and after class. From real-time check-ins and exams to scheduled homework and surveys, our assessment tools make it easy to evaluate students and encourage their success.

Types of assessment

Most student assessments can be divided into two main categories. Traditional exams are a primary example of summative assessments, because they seek to measure how well students have achieved their learning objectives. On the other hand, formative assessments have the goal of increasing understanding rather than measuring it. These take place throughout the learning process and provide valuable knowledge checks for both students and instructors.

The importance of frequent assessments

Research supports the value of regular assessment exercises. For example, the “testing effect” shows that students are better able to remember information if they have practiced retrieving it through tools like flash cards, interactive questions and short quizzes. The assessment for learning pedagogy embraces this philosophy and guides instructors to frequently evaluate student progress throughout the entire learning process.

Screenshot of creating summative assessment questions on a laptop

Assessment tools

TurningPoint gives instructors in primary, secondary and higher education the tools necessary to conduct both formative and summative assessments, regardless of class size.

Real-time polling

Ask interactive questions any time to test student knowledge and review important concepts. Insert questions into your lessons using our native PowerPoint integration, poll over top of web pages, videos and documents using a floating toolbar or enjoy a fully web-based experience with our online polling capabilities. Students can respond with their own mobile devices or clickers.

Self-paced quizzes and exams

Deliver in-class assessments that require students to work at their own pace. TurningPoint eliminates the hassle of bubble sheets, while offering a wider variety of question types including multiple choice, true/false, numerical response and short answer. In addition, instant grading and seamless LMS integrations greatly reduce instructor workload.

Scheduled surveys and homework

Share interactive content at any time without the need for a live polling session. This is ideal for ensuring students are prepared for class with interactive homework assignments and pre-class assessments.

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