Our interactive student response system is a leading educational technology

Our easy-to-use interactive polling software helps teachers foster active learning environments and identify student progress through real-time feedback.

Engage every student

Minimise teacher workloads

Create active learning environments

Gain an early understanding of knowledge gaps

Choose keypads or web-enabled devices

Respond from a variety of locations in real time

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Our educational technology lets teachers insert polling questions with a native PowerPoint integration, ask interactive questions on-the-fly and deliver self-paced assessments with ease. In addition, TurningPoint student response system seamlessly integrates with top Learning Management Systems, allowing teachers to save valuable time uploading student information, results and other real-time polling data.

Capture responses and analyse learner understanding

Our response options easily and effectively engage students.

Mobile phone showing TurningPoint app


Allow students to answer with their own web-enabled device.
QT2 keypad


Collect even more meaningful data with our most full-featured device.
LCD keypad


This keypad’s simple design makes it easy to respond to multiple-choice questions.
LT keypad


This compact option features a five-button input that facilitates easy responding.

Improving student learning - It's what we do

Our educational technology supports instructors in creating student-centered learning environments that encourage lively discussions, improve understanding and give every student a voice. Whether you want to simply add interactive polling questions to an existing lecture or completely upend your teaching style, we have the tools you need to help your students flourish.

Educational technology for everyone

TurningPoint student response systems open doors to learning all over the world. That is because we work in partnership with educators and students to ensure that our affordable, easy-to-use technology provides real value in the classroom.

Dr Christopher Wiley instructor a class with clickers

University of Surrey

Help students find their voice with response technology.
Group of hands fist bumping over a table full of laptops

University of East Anglia

Peer instruction gets a boost with TurningPoint.
Female student scientist using a microscope

King's College London

Assisting in the fight against allergy.

Northumbria University

Driving technology in learning.

Queen's University Belfast

Inspiring different types of interactivity.

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