With ALT-C just one week away, Gary Morrison shares top questions you need to be asking to get the most from your chosen learning technology…………..

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  1. Check that the edtech you choose is flexible and capable. The solution must be simple to implement and roll out across your organisation. Even if an institutional-wide solution isn’t what you initially need, it might be in the future.
  2. Does the software integrate with your current learning management system (LMS)? How will this integration happen? Will it create a huge headache for your already overworked IT team, or will the company assist with this integration?
  3. Is free training and support offered? How long for? Does the company provide complementary webinars and visitations to your location?
  4. Does the solution have an office in a timezone/language that matches your own for when support is needed?
  5. Will you have a dedicated Account Manager to liaise with?
  6. Is the solution scalable? Ask the sales representative for case studies of the solution on a large-scale project – have they any case studies?
  7. How reliable is the solution? What are the downtime stats?

Gary is Vice President: International Division at Turning Technologies.

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