Employee engagement is a workplace approach that provides employees with the right conditions to give their absolute best every day. It helps make the workforce more committed to the organisation’s goals and core values, and motivates all staff to contribute to organisational success.

Employees who share a ‘mutual-gains’ relationship with their employer tend to perform better, are more loyal, and will be happier and healthier in work, therefore benefiting those around them as well. Negativity breeds negativity – but a positive environment and attitude will spread just as fast. Happy and productive people = organisational growth.

There are several key ingredients of a happy and motivated workforce:

1. Leaders with a vision, who inspire and value their employees and workforce contribution

2. Clear core values that inspire trust and integrity

3. Line managers who empower rather than control

4. Employees who are allowed to voice their feedback – whether it be positive or negative, without the fear of repercussion

Every organisation around the world is built on its people – and when the people part is right, the workforce will be motivated, productive and successful. Get the people part wrong, and the organisation will be left with an unproductive workforce, with low morale and high staff turnover/absence.

Interactive learning tools such as TurningPoint are key in building a healthy, happy workforce. TurningPoint can be used to give and gain feedback, anonymously or named. Reports can be built over time to see if a change has improved a particular situation, and staff will feel like their voices are being heard.

There are many ways in which employees can be empowered to speak up, but not many can be as anonymous or detailed as TurningPoint. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help empower your workforce.