When problems, issues or crises arise in society, government agencies are often looked upon for help in addressing and solving them. Around the world, health departments provide various educational programmes on subjects that threaten the well-being of their communities. From injury, disease and substance abuse prevention to childcare and nutrition classes, health education programmes are a vital part of community safety. Conducting awareness classes that focus on sensitive subjects, such as drug use, mental health, nutritional habits or family matters, can be tricky because attendees are scared to share their stories or situations out of fear and shame.

Tools for Community Education

Turning Technologies is meeting these challenges and helping health departments go into their communities and conduct informative and helpful courses in an engaging and meaningful way. The combination of simple and durable hardware, plus engaging and versatile software, makes TurningPoint a well-rounded solution. Anonymous polling results can create dynamic and courageous conversations making topics that are hard to talk about much easier.

David Fields, Development Agent for Peace Corps Ghana, describes the impact TurningPoint has made in his educational environments: ‘It gives people the liberty of responding to questions openly, because the process is anonymous. Before TurningPoint, if we asked a community, ‘is there a problem with rape and forced sex in Ghana?’ The men would be the only ones to answer. They would say there is no problem, and that would be the end of the conversation. With TurningPoint, you ask the same question about forced sex, and a substantial proportion will answer yes. When that percentage goes up on the screen and the whole community sees it, then a real conversation about the problem can take place. The conversations go on for hours. Not only does this make our programmes more effective, but it makes statistical reporting of the problems much more powerful.’

Clicking Toward Better Health

The Peace Corps chose to incorporate TurningPoint for an interactive lecture series in Ghana to discuss malaria, HIV, nutrition and water sanitation. The Ruth Lilly Health Education Centre, a non-profit organisation, uses the same system to teach its curriculum to children and adults. These groups, and others like them, have reported many advantages:

Portability: Weighing in at only one ounce, response keypads are small, durable, lightweight and can easily be distributed and transported to go anywhere.

Ease: Optimised for small, medium and large presentation environments, the technology provides features and functionality that ensure responses from tens to thousands are accurately, timely and effortlessly transmitted to the presenter.

Versatility: TurningPoint interactive polling software is compatible with PC and Mac. It works with any application and easilyu integrates with PowerPoint®, keeping training costs and time spent learning a new programme at a minimum.

Engagement: Creating collaborative sessions is easy with the availability of multiple question styles. Engage participants in a game show format with the software’s competition features.

Ease of Reporting: Getting results is immediate and various data reports are included in the system so no further software is needed.

Many Environments - One Solution

There are different needs and unique environments that call for creative solutions. When these situations arise, Turning Technologies is ready.

TurningPoint’s mobile response solution turns a participant’s web-enabled device into a virtual response keypad. It allows participants to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Community-led awareness programmes are necessary for individuals to make better decisions about the safety and well-being of themselves and their families. By partnering with Turning Technologies, health departments can be assured that their curriculum will be engaging and motivating and can be delivered in any environment with ease and reliability.