What does the future hold for British business? That’s one of many big political questions currently on the lips of all business leaders. Taking a strategic swerve away from the political sphere, I’m far keener to focus Turning Technologies’ leaders on the opportunities and demands coming out of the UK’s higher education sector.

As a supplier to the UK education market for just over three years, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, with British education institutions now representing a large percent of annual turnover. Our universities and higher education institutions are churning out some of the most versed and driven digital natives in the world, and interactive technology sits firmly at the centre of learning strategies.

Surely in such a turbulent time, where the UK’s departure from the EU spells out many unknowns, some organisations will re-focus their business strategies across the pond, fast tracking growth in the Americas, Middle East and Africa? Maybe, but for us, investment in our home soil is where we see abundant opportunity to both grow the business and deliver exceptional technological solutions to our next generation of leaders.

For those frequenting our web site this week (or those who’ve been witness to our trumpets sounding across the ‘Twittersphere’), you’ll know that Turning Technologies has been accredited by our industry’s professional body BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association). This ‘stamp of approval’ is proof to our customers, that the business is strong, sound, trustworthy and adherent to our industry’s stringent business criteria.

Headquartered in Belfast, our pedigree is built on far more than our home soil origins. Whilst a ‘local’ base definitely enables us to develop strong relationships and an exceptional customer service culture, our leaders also have experience across multiple sectors and international markets, bringing only the ‘best of breed’ technologies into the business. Buyer confidence is paramount right now, and this accreditation is just one of the investments our business is making in the UK this year.

For those education suppliers tempted to jump ship to international markets, I can only tell you this, Turning Technologies’ roots are firmly planted in British soil, we’re here to stay and proud to serve the thousands of learners set to shape the future!

—Gary Morrison, International Division VP