Engage your learners with interactive learning & audience response technologies

TurningPoint creates engaging experiences, enhances learning and provides real-time analytics.


Interactive learning tools to engage students both inside and outside the classroom.

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Engage employees, enhance trainings and deliver scheduled surveys.

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Interactive solutions to boost audience engagement and make every event memorable.

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Why Turning Technologies?

Turning Technologies is an educational technology company dedicated to improving learning experiences and audience engagement. By partnering with instructors, trainers and event coordinators, we help to create engaging interactive learning environments for clients including universities, primary and secondary schools, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Whether you need to impart crucial knowledge, assess understanding or just keep your audience awake during a long presentation, we can help you achieve your goals.

Discover how easy it is to deliver amazing presentations

We believe in a future where response technology is usefully integrated into every learning environment. TurningPoint is designed to increase audience engagement, support interactive learning and help improve learner success.

Poll within PowerPoint or any presentation

Create questions with ease

Collect real-time results

Run reports for data analysis

Dr Christopher Wiley

Dr Christopher Wiley, University of Surrey

Senior Lecturer | Director of Learning & Teaching

“TurningPoint is so flexible, as everything is embedded in PowerPoint; alternatively, Anywhere Polling enables me to use the student response system alongside whatever is on my desktop.”

Dr Fabio Arico

Dr Fabio Aricò, University of East Anglia

Senior Lecturer

“TurningPoint empowers the potential to do all sorts of pedagogical research outside of class – and I find it simply amazing.”

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